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About Us

" When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life. "


About us and our endeavor
We are brothers and at the same time best friends.

We believe that everyone owes' to himself a great vacation. This is something we trully and genually believe and not a marketing trick. We love the island we invite you to visit and we are willing to help you see all of the beauty it has to offer.

Some hotel owners have this strange notion that people book their holidays because they found a great hotel, or because a hotel offers a great swimming pool or big beds, they forget that a vacation abroad is about travelling to another place, a place that a tourist wants to visit and not the hotel. This is why we are different, we care, we actually want you to come to Zakynthos and have a vacation that you will always remember.

We'll put the great service, the clean and comfortable accomodation, the nice environment, the hints and tips that will make your vacation a real trip abroad and the island will provide the rest, great scenery, great weather, great food and hospitable people, all you need to do is come and be part of it!

We want the people who choose to visit Zakynthos and decide to stay in ZanteSol to have a memorable vacation and feel that they have a home away from home. Simplicity, honesty, excellence in all areas of our life is what we strive for.








We want you to have a great vacation!
Visit Zantesol for great & relaxing holidays.